Methodism History

The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA) is an autonomous Conference of the Methodist Church. The MCCA comprises about 644 congregations in 8 District.


Membership in the MCCA is through baptism. There are two types of members in the MCCA, viz 1) Members in Training and 2) Confirmed Members.

Those who are baptized and not yet confirmed are called members in training. After a period of training, and upon the acceptance of the Congregational Pastoral Council, a service of Confirmation is held. Persons who are confirmed become confirmed members and can hold office in the MCCA.


The Class is the basic pastoral unit of the Methodist Church. All members are allocated to a Class under the pastoral care of a Class leader and (where appointed) an Assistant Class Leader. The Classes were, and are, the principal meetings of the Congregation for fellowship and mutual encouragement and growth in the faith.